We work directly with school counselors, administrators, nurses and social workers to identify and fill gaps in Youth needs not being provided by other organizations.  We collaborate with other Northland Youth-Based charities to yield a greater collective impact. We strive to increase education and drive awareness in the Community about Northland Poverty.

Ann D., Chair

Christina M., Treasurer

Deb F., Secretary

Jon A., Director

Greg S., Director

*Source: 2015 Community Health Profile Platte County, Missouri

Hundreds of children in Platte County struggle each week to have food to eat, proper hygiene supplies, clean clothes to wear and proper medication to treat even the smallest illness. And unfortunately, with the growing economic gap the number continues to rise. According to the Platte County Health Department, children under 18 are the
largest poverty group in the county.*


Students who lack having their basic needs met are often under a great deal of stress both directly and indirectly. They tend to miss school more and have issues with concentration and learning. Without an education, the cycle of poverty continues. Northland Miracles is helping make a change in Platte County.

Northland Miracles is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to create positive change for youth and their families who are struggling financially. Through partnerships with area schools and other groups that serve them, we seek to make a difference with our most impressionable population.